Our Recruitment Process

Our goal is to be a focused extension of your HR/Talent acquisition team. We aim to provide you with the best candidates not only to fill your positions, but who will be true assets to your organization.

Understanding Your Business and Defining Expectations

The very first step is to meet with us so that we can understand your recruiting needs, and also your company’s business, strategy, and culture. We would like to understand your business as completely as possible so we can act as an extension of your internal recruiting team.

Next we seek to understand the position, the role it has within your organization and how it contributes to the overall goals of your organization.


For every staffing project, we will assemble a team who will become experts on your specific needs. This research team will first meticulously comb through multiple databases in search of candidates with the expertise and experience you require.


Armed with your unique specifications and questions, we can start the pre-qualifying interview process. This gives us the opportunity to promote your organization and the position to individuals who may not currently be seeking new employment. We will also evaluate each candidate’s expertise, experience, and compatibility with your company culture.

Submitting Recommendations

Finally, we summarize our findings in a report that includes our recommendations and the rationale that supports them. We can then help you set up interviews with as many of our recommended candidates as you would like.