Our Executive Search Program

Our goal is to be an extension of your HR/Talent Acquisition team on a per need basis. We aim to provide you with the best candidates who will be true assets in your organization.

Understanding your business and defining expectations

To find qualified candidates we meet with you to understand your company’s needs, business, strategies, and culture. We attempt to understand your business as completely as possible so we can act as an extension to your internal recruiting efforts. We seek to understand each open position and how it contributes to your organization.


For each staffing project, we assemble a team that will become familiar with your specific needs. Your team will be comprised of researchers who scour databases in search of candidates with the expertise you require.


We conduct pre-qualifying interviews with qualified candidates using pre-determined topics and questions that we have jointly prepared in consultation with you. We also can attempt to sell the position to executives who may not necessarily be seeking new employment but who have the expertise, experience and compatibility you are seeking.

Submitting Recommendations

Finally, we summarize our findings in a report which includes recommendations and the rationale behind them. Every candidate will have been thoroughly vetted against the requirements of the open role.