HR Consultation

Effective Human Resources administration is essential for optimal company success and effective employee performance and satisfaction.

With quality HR practices, a company can create an outstanding work environment so that employees are productive and efficient, properly informed of all company policies and protocols, and feel satisfied and supported in their roles.

Human Resource administrators also need to ensure that their companies remain compliant with all local and national labor laws, rules and regulations.

To help your Human Resources team succeed in all these varied responsibilities, Crescentia has assembled an experienced group of qualified consultants who can help you assess your current HR setup and provide gap reports for the following areas:

HR Administration Setup

  • Employee Handbook
  • Company Policies
  • HR Process and Protocols
  • Employee Data Retention
  • Compliance
  • HR Metrics

Payroll Audit

  • Accurate accounting of active employees, pay rates, wages, PTO, and tax withholdings
  • Review of payroll against the company general ledger and bank statements
  • Verification of remittance and tax reports

Benefits Plan Audit

  • Plan document reviews
  • Review Service Agreements with third-party providers
  • Review SOC 1 Reports
  • Assess Fee Benchmarking

Crescentia is prepared to asses any other practices or procedures that are identified as needing review.